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Month: December 2005

The Japan Times Online- the year of the dog

The Japan Times Online the year of the dog is upon us! The guardian deity of those born in the year of the dog in Japan is Amidayorai, who protects the dead in paradise.

soi dog ==street dog

Home Soi Dog Foundation is a volunteer and not-for-profit organization with the aim to better the lives and living conditions of the street and stray dogs in Thailand, currently focused on the island of Phuket. pets, jack russell, dog portraits, rescue, dogs,

VietNamNet Bridge

VietNamNet Bridge: “‘We have seen many Vietnamese comics featuring historic personalities and folk tales. I’m sure that Vietnam can produce meaningful and interesting stories drawing on themes from scientific or imaginary worlds,’ he said. With some 800,000 comic books rolling off the presses in Vietnam each week, comic books have come to dominate the book […]

Friday’s Comic

Animal Hackerz holiday gifts are here! [Technorati tags: pets,Comics, Cartoons, Animal Hackers, Animal Hackerz, Dogs, Cartoonist, Artist,Pen and Ink, Great Danes, Miniature Pinschers, Basset Hounds, Cats, Captionz, Country living, Horses, Odd, Gifts ]More blogs about animal hackerz

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