Animal Hackerz: an illustrated world of animals and people communicating in a post 9/11- COVID world of spam, splog, pixels and tweets


Lili’s Joys of Acronyms

IM- Known in the internet world as Instant Messaging takes on a different meaning for a little dog with borderline personality disorders

about the cartoonist Doi

To veterinary parents, Doi was born in Japan with a leash in hand. Creatively connected to Doi’s leash over the years were: crayons, markers, pens, pencils, chisels, chalks, files, paint brushes, dogs, cats, horses, and computer mice. Educated in Science and Art, Doi straddled the two, much like she does the PC and Mac, applying […]

A Small Dog- A Secret Past

A small dog, a secret past and an uncertain future- born to unlucky pack of six, Lili’s attempts to break free from a checkered past, only proves that the internet follows you home. Animal Hackerz holiday gifts are here!

The Main Dogs

For Lili, life as a little dog paired with a big dog was challenging. Gladys, the great dane had a peculiar habit of stepping on Lili, even when they danced. Lili however excelled at the screen, a place where Gladys’ big toes were no match to Lili’s nimble fingers on the keys. Animal Hackerz holiday […]

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