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Future uncertain for Suffolk, horses
By PAUL DALEY, Sun Racing Writer
Suffolk Race track closes for the 2005 season, but with the simulcast racing bill stalled in the State Legislature for a bundle vote on alternative gaming. Unless a sunset bill is passed, as of January 1, 2006, all 4 MAss. race tracks will be unable to accept wagers. If politics are not resolved, the small race trainers will not be able to keep their horses.

It is estimated by TRF Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, that as many as 30 horses will be sold for slaughter.

“Canter Organization of New England is specifically earmarking Suffolk horses for adoption. For information go to the Canter website at

“What can we do to help the local horses? For starters, contact the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation at No donation is too small. Or, if you are able to board a horse, the foundation will work with you. If you love the sport and its participants, it’s something to think about, especially around the holidays”

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